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Don't Stress! Here are some great tips on being the Best Man.

March 30, 20231 min read

How to be the Best Best Man you can be

The best man plays a crucial role in a wedding, serving as a  support system for the groom and helping to plan and organize  the big day. Here are some of the main responsibilities of a best  man: 

1. Acting as the groom's right-hand man:

The best man is  expected to assist the groom with wedding planning tasks  such as vendor research, appointment scheduling, and  budget management. 

2. Helping the groom prepare for the wedding:

The best man  should help the groom with preparations such as getting his  suit fitted and organizing the groomsmen's attire.

3. Holding the wedding rings:

The best man is traditionally  responsible for holding the wedding rings during the  ceremony and passing them to the groom when needed. 

4. Planning the bachelor party:

The best man is traditionally in  charge of planning the bachelor party, which is a pre wedding celebration for the groom and his groomsmen. 

Best Man Speech

5. Making a speech:

The best man is expected to make a  speech during the reception, typically after the father of the  bride's speech, to toast the newlyweds and share some  anecdotes or memories. 

6. Helping the groom get ready on the wedding day:

The best  man should arrive early on the wedding day to assist the  groom with getting ready, such as helping him with his suit,  tie, and last-minute preparations. 

7. Standing up in the wedding ceremony:

The best man will be  standing up in the wedding ceremony, next to the groom  and other groomsmen.

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